Angel's Work   

The 100% Charity Plan

(The plan)

We are hoping this will catch on. Our goal is to be a platform or conduit for funding individuals in need by allowing people that wants to help someone to come to our site, use any credit or debit card, and make a tax deductible donation to that particular person or family, and 100% of those funds will be dispersed immediately to that person. We would take care of all fees and expenses. We are hoping to set a trend.

(The upside)

We believe if someone can give from their comfort zone, securely, online, gain a deduction, and using their debit/credit card, they will be more likely to give to someone or their family. An office or group making a collection to help a co-worker, neighbors helping neighbors, someone in a news story, etc. We hope to reach more hurting people with this plan.

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