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My accountant called. Our goal of giving 100% away was achieved. Go us!! IRS Form 990 For 2012 Below


I received a notice a letter from the IRS. My national charter and 501c3 approval is in process. Sometime between tomorrow and 90 days I'll have my approval letter. I'm not known for my patience. 


It looks like we are very close to receiving our IRS letter of approval. It's a time thing now. And it is in process now.


It looks like Frank Jakes has a kidney donor. Preliminary tests look great. This has been a focus of prayer. My wife would not "approve" me donating one of mine. Hopefully this donor will be perfect. Frank is an awesome person.


Received a $2500.00 grant. In today, out tomorrow. So thankful.


Well, if we do not receive or give anymore this year we actually gave over 300% of what we took in. I wish we could do that every year.


I Received An Alert That The IRS Accepted My 501c3 Paperwork. Huge News                                                         

Blessing Alert !!! 12/16/2012

We are so honored to sponsor a Sheriff's Deputy, and single mom for Christmas again this year. God bless our single moms and our law enforcement community. $500.00 isn't much, but at this time of year it can make a huge difference. Or at least we hope. Thank you Mary Estep for letting us know about the need for help for this person. You are awesome.

When we do this we are connected for life. We stay in touch, pray for them daily, and make ourselves available if they have any needs in the future. 

 ALERT!! **
  Frank Needs A Kidney "Click Here" **ALERT!! - Also You Can Visit Frank's Facebook Page By Clicking The Icon      

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