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                                                                            No Greater Love

                                  "The point is, not how long you lived, but how nobly you lived." –Seneca

04/09/2013 Chief Anthony Q Barfield Sr, killed in the line of duty (STORY HERE)

Chief of Police

Anthony Q. Barfield, Sr.

12/18/2012 R.I.P. Officer Sean Callahan 24 (Story Here)

11/05/2012 R.I.P. Pilot Richard J. Halford 48 and Tactical Flight officer Shawn A. Smiley 40 (Story Here)

12/16/2012 R.I.P. Cpl. David Gogian 50 and Officer Jeff Atherly 29 
 (Story Here)

11/28/2012 R.I.P. Captain Laura Hicks 48
(Story Here)



 Heroism is endurance for one moment more, By: George Kennan

                                                                           “Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

                                                                                                             - I shall not fear anyone on Earth. 
                                                                                                             - I shall fear only God. 
                                                                                                             - I shall not bear ill will toward anyone. 
                                                                                                             - I shall not submit to injustice from anyone. 
                                                              I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” 
                                                             ― Mahatma Gandhi


                       This page was created out of respect and honor for LEO's that have gone before us
This is one of the best tributes to law enforcement officers I have seen. Worth watching

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