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 Angel's Work Inc                   Angel's Works Inc                             Project L.E.O.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply needed counseling, mentoring, and funds to America's forgotten people. There are adults, children, even pets. Any nonprofit committed to the homeless will be our mission. We charge nothing and will continue till we can't any longer. We are a 501c3 nonprofit sponsored organization, listed nationally with the IRS.

  • Thorough analysis of their plight, our strengths help their weakness
  • Analysis of others in their lives that may help
  • Getting local industry involved
  • Creating opportunities for the forgotten 

This work culminates in our major assault on this problem: a detailed plan to locate and intervene in their lives through counseling, funding, and caring 

Get involved and help us be a successful alternative to homelessness

Please Consider Helping Us Help Others

“You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated.”
Maya Angelou

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”- Helen Keller

Our Journey To Independence 

This is our journey. Angel's Works Inc is a continuation of what our founder started in 1985. In August 1985 Kenneth Stepp sold his family home and moved from Louisville KY to Atlanta GA to start a shelter for the aging homeless. It was a slow start. In the Winter of 1992 he started helping the homeless near his office in Chamblee GA. In 2004, being financially blessed he began giving free cars to single moms that needed them in his area. His free car program included 6 months insurance, a complete mechanic checkup, and maintenance for 6 months. In 2006 he started funding needs for injured or financially hurting law enforcement officers, even legal fees. In 2009 he began partnering with other nonprofits. Now, he is creating a legacy. For years we have been a sponsored outreach of other registered nonprofits. Today we are a registered nonprofit. Soon we will be a national outreach. It's been a goal over the years of offering our community service program and reaching out to the hurting in our nation. Our founder believes by just about everything himself means the funds will go to the right people.

Our Founder's Challenge

In 2011 our founder's consulting firm received approximately $30,000.00 compensation for fundraising. As a challenge to give, he donated over $10,000.00 according to his tax records. This year's income will be less, yet that number will exceed $15,000.00. Let this example of giving be a challenge for all of you. Now that everything will be in house the number should exceed 80%. That would top over 98% of other nonprofits in giving. "Love people, like things". Do not live the opposite way.

UPDATE: Mr Stepp was honored to reach his goal giving $15,117.00 in 2012

Follow The Money

At Angel's Work everyone has a day job. No salaries, no gifts, it pays no rent, utilities, etc. It operates out of Mr Stepp's home. Mr Stepp does almost everything himself to save money. Living a life without debt, he brings this philosophy to AW. A dollar saved is a dollar that can be used for good. We are trying to set new standards in giving. Trying to set an example with our stewardship. We are excited about the future and the good we can do now that we are unattached and a stand alone national nonprofit. Leaving a legacy is important. Setting the standard is a great place to start. When a person thinks beyond themselves much can be done.

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Board of Advisers__________________________________________________________________                      

Marland "Tony" Roberts                                             Jeff Morton
Law degree, State Psychologist                                   Corporate Security expert

Warren Estes                                                             Robert "Bob" Stone 
Small business owner                                                 Martial Arts Master-Anti Terror instructor-Investigator-Army Spec Forces

Mark Boychuk                                                            Sgt D Simpson
Attorney                                                                    Law Enforcement-US Army

Rob Smith                                                                 M Estep
Engineer, activist/watchdog, Author                             Law Enforcement

Debbie Johnson                                                         Dan Armstrong
Home maker/political activist                                       Federal Agent

Crosby & Associates                                                  
Accounting firm                                                        

Steve Porter                                                              Sgt Tyler Tardiff (my son in law)
Small business owner                                                 US Army

Kenneth Stepp, Our Founder                                       Daniel Stepp in Iraq
Business consultant, Activist                                        Daniel Stepp in Afghanistan
Bio-Linkedin                                                              Kenneth Stepp With 4 Out Of His 5 Kids
Kenneth Long Ago                                                     Samuel-Sarah-Duchess                                

                                                    Join our founder. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor


Our Circle                                                                                                                                         
The Patch                                                                                       Common Cause                                                        
News media                                                                                    National Ethics Reform Group

Pro Bono Law                                                                                 The Giving Pledge Organization, James W Clark
Nonprofit Group (private)                                                                National Nonprofit

Project L.E.O  (Partner Nonprofit-Stepp Group)                                   National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund
Law Enforcement nonprofit                                                     

American Lighthouse (Partner Nonprofit-Stepp Group)                         Joy Harris (Friend-Adviser-Previously Stepp Group)                                                             Salvation Army

Tunde Akinyele                                                                                Philip Jones, Esquire (Friend-Adviser)
Senior Assistant District Attorney                                                       Defense Attorney

Don Johstono                                                                                  Samuel Stepp (my son) 
Former-Federal Prosecutor,Pres. State Fair                                          Student, Eagle Scout, Athlete "Promotion Day"
Private Attorney

Asa Williams  (Friend-Advisor)                                                           Gwinnett Ethics Inc (Local Political issues-Stepp Group)
Senior Corporate Investigator, IRS                                                      Ethics reform, Watchdog Group

Georgia Ethics Inc (Political Issues-Stepp Group)                                  Main Street Inc (For Profit-Stepp Group)
Ethics reform group/Activist                                                               Consultancy 

Stepp by Stepp Horse Farm (Family Farm-Stepp Group)                       The Stepp Farm

Fifth Third Bank                                                                               Kroger Grocery Store


In memory of my father. Robert H Stepp  
The most honest person I've ever known

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